What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a Licensed Insurance Professional who represents the interest of the Policyholder, exclusively, in the settlement of property insurance claims. The staff at CMB Adjusting has specialized training and expertise in appraising, preparing and negotiating all types of claims from property damage and business interruption losses.

Is a Public Adjuster legal and qualified?

Yes. Public Adjusters are individually licensed by the State Department of Insurance, and they are bonded individually also, as is required in each State where they do business. Licensing for Public Adjusters requires the individual to pass a written exam on insurance policies, provisions, regulatory laws, and claims-practices, and there are also Continuing Education and Certification requirements which exist to maintain the qualifications for both new Public Adjusters and renewing Licensees.

Will my Agent or Broker take care of me and my Claim?

Your Agent or Broker serves you at all times in connection with the “Coverages” and the “Premiums” for your Policy, but in the event of loss to your property, your Agent or Broker does not have the specific responsibility, nor will they usually have the time, training, license or facilities to render the specialized services to document, present, and negotiate the settlement of your “Claim” for property damages.

How is a Public Adjuster compensated?

The fees for Public Adjuster services can vary by your State’s legislation, but most fees are based upon a small percentage of the total settlement. Overall, this fee is minimal in relation to the ultimate claim settlement. In the vast majority of cases, the dollar difference which CMB Adjusting’s services makes in the amount of the policyholder’s claim settlement, will more than offset the fee.